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Bienvenue sur Happy Memories –contenu personnalisé

Happy Memories permet de personnaliser l’expérience de jeu en ranimant des souvenirs à partir d’objets, de visages ou de lieux

Personnalisation de l’expérience de jeu

Happy Memories is the latest feature of the Happiness Programme, bringing personalised activities to loved ones living in care. The aim is for these personalised experiences to increase the happiness levels of those living with dementia and learning disabilities, as well as those in long term rehabilitation. These personalised moments come in the form of pictures and photos that are uploaded by friends, family and care staff via our portal. Staff and residents will be able to interact with these pictures and colour them in using hands, arms and prop movements. If a caption has been entered with a particular picture, this will be displayed once each photo has been completed – or coloured in. Learn how to log in and use the portal below:

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